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Southern Sweden, SE
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woud furniture design studio is a crossdisciplinary design- and architecture practice based in Malmö.

Kajsa Hollsten, a designer with background in design for sustainable development, product design and handcraft. Jakub Jedrzejczak, a designer with a background in engineering and small scale architect.

woud is a design studio that focuses on crafting bespoke furniture and interior solutions that are tailored to the way people live in them. With a combination of expert craftsmanship, strong values, and a clear vision, woud draws inspiration from both technical engineering and creative furniture design to establish a distinct presence in the furniture and interior design industry. Their projects range from custom furniture pieces to complete interior designs for private residences, commercial spaces, and public areas. At woud, the emphasis is on creating site-specific solutions that reflect the unique characteristics of each project, ensuring that every piece of furniture and every design detail works seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Make-to-order furniture + bespoke design solutions. For commissions, pre-orders and enquiries: @woudfurniture

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