woud collaborates with Aster to create a

  bespoke, visually stunning       dining space

Aster, the latest and trendiest restaurant in town, has teamed up with woud to create a truly unique dining experience. This collaboration has resulted in the complete furnishing of the restaurant space, with woud offering site-specific design solutions and curation of the space area. 

At Aster, dining transcends the ordinary, weaving a tapestry of cherished memories, each uniquely shaped by Woud’s bespoke pieces. The dining space unfolds as an ode to the seamless fusion of style, artistry, and functionality, crafted with an acute awareness of the senses. Every corner of the restaurant, from seating to decor, transforms into a sensory realm where guests craft unforgettable moments. Woud’s craftsmanship, nestled at the heart of Aster’s ambiance, not only provides a setting for culinary delights but also becomes an integral part of the sensory storytelling experience. Each bespoke piece acts as a vessel, encapsulating the sensations, scents, emotions, and textures shared by guests, turning each visit into an enduring memory etched in the sensory annals of the restaurant’s history. 

Bespoke furniture, custom designed pieces
Area: ca 100 m2
Location: Malmö, Varvstaden

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