A space for shared experiences, meetings, and creativity.

Typology: Table
Dimensions: fr. 900mm
Finish: Oil [Custom color finish]


A meticulous organization and timeless simplicity, offering invaluable harmony to your space. A versatile bridge between spaces.

Typology: Shelf
Dimensions: fr. L1015xH500xD350 [Custom size]

Experience the perfect blend of togetherness and individual space with this versatile piece of furniture.

Typology: Stool, Storage & Side table
Dimensions: H460xL400xD280mm
Finish: Oil [Custom color finish]

Derived from the Japanese word for chopstick rest, the Hashioki is not just a functional piece, but also a symbol of relaxation and communal togetherness. 

Typology: Table/Bench
Dimensions: Large 425x425x1100mm [Custom size]

Service Tray, a versatile and elegant piece that elevates any dining experience.

Typology: Tray, Service
Dimensions: fr. fr. W150xL340xH55mm [Custom size]

Perfect for creating a warm and inviting dining area, a productive work space, or a personal sanctuary that reflects your unique taste.

Typology: Table
Dimensions: Large
L2450xW1200mm [Custom size]
Finish: Oil [Custom color finish]

Coffee table, also referred to as the Tiny Table, is designed to provide versatility to any room.

Typology: Coffee Table
Dimensions: fr. 240-2450mm [Custom size]
Finish: Oil [Custom color finish]

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