Manér, the local, handcrafted clothing brand, has partnered with woud to elevate their campaign footage to new heights. Handpicked pieces to create a stunning contrast with Manér’s clothing. This collaboration has allowed showcase clothing in an entirely new light, with each piece of furniture perfectly complementing the garments and adding a new dimension to the overall aesthetic.
                Woud’s furniture, clean lines and modern aesthetic, creates a visually striking contrast with Manér’s handcrafted clothing, emphasizing the artistry and craftsmanship of both brands. The campaign footage is not just a display of clothing but an immersive experience that showcases the brands’ commitment to quality and attention to detail. woud’s furniture designs serve as the perfect backdrop to highlight the beauty of Manér’s clothing. 

Typology: Interior design
Client: Manér
Program: Hand crafted garments 
Location: Malmö
Status: 2021

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woud furniture design studio 2024