We let you in on tunes by Felix Wilhelmsson, with a Dj background in mainly electro because he’s a wavejumper. He might say he’s just a record lover as any other hipster — which he dislike to admit. But we would like to say he’s a nimble and respectful creator with tunes on his mind.
                 We are sharing an exclusive playlist curated, processed and hand picked tunes for you. 

 Curated mixtape with Felix Wilhelmsson. Discover the insightful rhythm behind the playlist released under @woudfurniture at Spotify.

W          Felix, we are very excited to hear your thoughts on the playlist, created as your definition ‘Möbelmusik’?

FW        “This is the real definition of Möbelmusik. 
When selecting tracks for this playlist I was picturing a room with different abstract concepts, a room that I wanted to fill with sounds that’s been present multiple times over the years. Maybe a showroom where sound is a big part of the idea, or maybe just something in the periphery. Sounds that elevates the room, that has that special quality to me. 
            This is a playlist for the fall and intends to be surrounding, curious and conscious with multiple dimensions. It has different tempos and structures, but with a numb atmosphere. Depending on the setting I think it sometimes will be perceived as a constant flow and sometimes there will be a lot of contrasts. Half-active listening recommended. The order of the tracks are intended, in order to break certain patterns we may fall into.”

WF        Something to drink with this? 
FW        Red, red wine. Something that’s been on oak. Or Sorrow & A Cup of Joe.

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